Interstate is an Asian-American pop-rock poetry musical that follows Dash, a transgender spoken word performer as he goes on a cross-country tour with his best friend Adrian, a lesbian singer-songwriter. Together, they’ve formed Acupuncture for Fools, an activist band fueled by growing internet popularity, the allure of fame, and a desire to connect with the Queer Asian community. The band’s fiercely political and deeply personal music touches Henry, an Asian-American transgender teenager living in small-town Kentucky, and he finds solace in their art as he struggles with his own identity and family. After dedicating his time to blogging about the band and documenting his own transition, he decides to set out on a quest to meet his heroes in person, hoping to find answers to his own struggles. Interstate is about two transgender people at different stages of their journey and their parallel experiences with love, family, and finding a community.

Music by: Melissa Li

Book and Lyrics by: Melissa Li and Kit Yan

Directed by: Jessi D. Hill

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