(T)estosterone is a new documentary play by Simone Wolff and Kit Yan

 photo credit Sam Rosenblatt

photo credit Sam Rosenblatt

(T)estosterone (dir. Kareem Fahmy) will be read on May 18 as part of The Civilians Finding Series. More info and RSVP here!

(T)estosterone follows two trans and gender non-conforming friends on a trip to Planned Parenthood as one gets on and the other gets off testosterone.

Is testosterone the holy grail of (trans)masculinity, or is it just another drug? Hormones can be magical, alchemical: gel, rubbed on the chest and arms once a day, can transform a body; a weekly shot can make a life feel, finally, possible. But like any substance, access, quality, and outcome are not evenly distributed.  And like any marker of identity, stories that surround it easily become oversimplified, even oppressive.

T is an investigation into real trans lives and an intervention into oversimplified narratives that surround testosterone as hormone replacement therapy. Join us in the waiting room of Planned Parenthood as we follow stories that embody the diversity and complexity of real gender processes.

Created by



Kit Yan

(Lyrics, Book) work includes INTERSTATE: a new musical with Melissa Li (terraNOVA Collective’s Groundworks Residency at the IRT, Project Reach workshop, Dixon Place staged reading), QUEER HEARTACHE (IRT Theater, Chicago Fringe, Transgender Theater Festival at the Brick Theater, San Francisco Fringe, A.R.T. Boston ID Festival), and AI WEI WEI: ACCORDING TO WHAT (Brooklyn Museum), HORMONES (Joe’s Pub- Civilians), T(estosterone) ((Civilians Finding Series forthcoming May 2017), and PLANETARIUM: a new performance film (Smithsonian culture lab forthcoming July 2017).

Kit’s work has been commissioned by CHANG(E) at HERE Arts, the Census Bureau, and the Smithsonian. Kit’s publications include Flicker and Spark, Troubling the Line, Glitter and Grit, Vetch, Original Plumbing, and the Asian American Literary Review among others. Their first solo poetry show and book QUEER HEARTACHE won the Spirit of Fringe, Artists’ Pick, and Audience Choice Awards at the 2015 Chicago Fringe Festival, The Best of Fringe award, and Best of Fringe Volunteer’s Choice at the 2016 SF Fringe Festival, and is published by TransGenre Press (2016). Queer Heartache received a Boston premiere in the 2017 I.D. Festival presented by the American Repertory Theater.

 photo credit  Sam Rosenblatt

photo credit Sam Rosenblatt

Simone Wolff

(Lyric, Book) is a NYC-based trans poet, essayist, and now, playwright. After 5 years behind the scenes at Kit Yan Productions, they're coming forward as a collaborator on T through The Civilians R&D Group. They also co-curated the LMAY Cabaret: Hormones, and can't wait to continue with #testofail. With a background in poetry, including an MFA from Vanderbilt, they have garnered awards from Barnard College and the Academy of American Poets, and were nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2015. Along with Kit Yan, they co-teach the CASA performance poetry class at Dixon Place as artists in residence.